GL Assessment Information

Slemish College is a test centre for the GL Assessments, for which we provide as supportive an environment as possible.

Those who elect to sit the assessments in Slemish do so in small classroom groups, not in a large hall.

Where possible we also organise the classroom groups so that the children are seated with others from their primary school. A Familiarisation Day is held prior to the actual assessments so that the children can experience the environment, and meet supervising staff, so that they will be familiar with the actual administration on the day.

Registration for the Entrance Assessment

The documents outlined below apply to the registration process for the Entrance Assessment and are all contained in the Registration Pack which is available to download on the PPTC website at

This registration pack contains the following documentation:

  • Registration Form

To be completed and returned to the College office.

  • Guidance Notes

To assist in the completion of the Registration Form and other documents.

  • Access Arrangements Form (AA1)

To be completed if you are claiming Access Arrangements for your child (see Guidance Notes).

  • Access Arrangements Form (Medical Information) AA2

To be completed by your child’s General Practitioner or Medical Consultant in support of a claim for Access Arrangements in relation to a medical condition.

  • Access Arrangements Form (Special Educational Needs) AA3

To be completed by a suitably qualified person* in support of a claim for Access Arrangements in relation to your child’s special educational needs.

  • Specification of the Entrance Assessment

These are the topics being assessed by the Entrance Assessment.

  • Sample Papers

These are samples of the English and Mathematics practice and assessment papers being used for the Entrance Assessment along with a sample answer sheet.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

These are answers to some of the queries you may have, if they do not cover all of your concerns, please contact the College office.

*If you are claiming Access Arrangements for your child, you are advised to read the Access Arrangements policy which is available for download from

Claiming Special Circumstances

Just before or during the Entrance Assessment, a child might experience medical or other problems which affect his/her performance in the Entrance Assessment and these difficulties are referred to as Special Circumstances.

If you wish to register your claim for Special Circumstances you should read the guide for parents and guardians and then complete an SCR form (Special Circumstances Registration) which is available to download from the PPTC website at