Pastoral Care

Outstanding Pastoral Care ensures our students are happy, healthy and best placed to fulfil their potential.

Every parent wants to be assured that their child will be happy at school and at Slemish College, it’s the little things that make a big difference. Our welcoming atmosphere ensures that all students feel comfortable. Specially trained 6th Form Peer Mentors meet the students on arrival at Slemish College, whether it be for sitting the test for Academic Entry, attending the Year 8 Induction Session in June, attending the Year 8 Induction days in September or during the Year 8 trips. Junior School students look forward to registration time when their Peer Mentors organise team building activities or help them settle in to school life.

Our Buddy System is available to help students develop friendships even before they start the college and parents have praised the many opportunities this has offered to allay the fears that are often associated with starting ‘big school’. Our experienced, dedicated Pastoral Care team is committed to helping our students throughout their school life and we are proud of the positive parental relationships we develop, ensuring that we are working together to ensure our young people achieve success.

We recognise that for many working parents, mornings and evenings present their own challenges so in the mornings the Nurture Room is available in the Special Needs Department, whilst our award winning refectory is open early to ensure students have the opportunity for that all important breakfast. Homework Club is open from Monday to Thursday until 4:15pm, allowing all students to avail of support from experienced Learning Support Assistants.

We have a zero tolerance approach to bullying and students can anonymously use our mobile text service or student comment box to report bullying.

Every Friday a professional counsellor is available in the Student Services Room and students can self-refer or be referred with parental permission.

Within the College there is a Drugs Education Programme which focuses on self-esteem and the ability to make decisions.  The College has also set in place a policy for dealing with drug related incidents, in accordance with NEELB advice. The Policy is available to download here.


Pastoral Structure 2020-21

Heads of School

Junior School (Years 8-10) Miss L Murray
Senior School (Years 11-12) Mr P Boyle
Upper School (Years 13-14) Mrs D Mitchell

Year 8

Learning Coordinator: Mrs M O'Donovan  //  Form Teachers:

Aspire Reach
Mrs C Anderson Mrs D Gunning Mrs H Myles Miss H Nelson

Mrs C Sexton

Mrs V Dempsey Mrs A Dempsey

Year 9

Learning Coordinator: Mrs A Donnelly  //  Form Teachers:

Aspire Reach
Mrs B Burns & Miss F McCormack Mrs M Heggarty Mrs L Fox

Mrs D Thompson & Miss B Hardy

Ms J Jackson Mr P Leetch

Year 10

Learning Coordinator: Mr D Kelly  //  Form Teachers:

Aspire Reach
10AM 10AD 10AS 10RN 10RM 10RJ
Mr M Godwin Mr S Duffin Mrs L Scott

Mrs S Nicholl

Mrs G McAlonan Mrs A Johnston

Year 11

Learning Coordinator: Mr G Lynn  //  Form Teachers:

11SL Mrs S Leetch
11SB Mr S Black
11BC Mr A Cuthbert & Mr D Barton
11SH Miss S Hardy
11RC Mrs R Cameron
11LN Mrs L Nicholl

Year 12

Learning Coordinator: Mrs P McHugh  //  Form Teachers:

12SR Mr S Harvey
12MK Mrs M Kelly
12PN Mr P McAnea
12LA Miss L Averell
12MD Mrs M Dale
12CH Mr C Hodgson

Year 13

Learning Coordinator: Mrs D Mitchell  //  Form Teachers:

13JA Mrs J Armstrong
13ES Miss E Shaw
13SS Mrs S Smith
13GM Mrs U Graham & Mrs A McCallion

Year 14

Learning Coordinator: Mrs D Mitchell  //  Form Teachers:

14KB Mrs K Bennett (Assistant Head of Sixth Form)
14CR Ms C Reeves
14OM Mrs O Murtagh & Mrs R Harrison
14CG Ms C Mulligan