Staff Structure

Leadership Structure 2022-23



  • Mr M Bennett

Vice Principals:


  • Mrs H Watts-Steede
  • Mr M Weir

Senior Leadership Team:


  • Miss L Murray (Head of Junior School)
  • Mr P Boyle (Head of Senior School)
  • Mrs D Mitchell (Head of Upper School)

Academic Staff 2022-23

Art & Design and Contemporary Crafts Department:


  • Ms C Quail (Subject Leader)
  • Miss A Johnston
  • Miss L Craig (Technician)

Business Studies Department:


  • Mrs D Mitchell (Subject Leader)
  • Mrs A Donnelly

Drama Department:


  • Mrs O Murtagh (Subject Leader)
  • Mrs L Scott
  • Mrs D Thompson
  • Miss L Young (Maternity Cover)

English Department:


  • Mrs K Bennett (Subject Leader)
  • Miss J Magee
  • Miss G Esler
  • Mrs U Graham
  • Miss S Hardy
  • Mrs A McCallion
  • Mrs O Murtagh
  • Mrs L Scott
  • Mrs D Thompson
  • Mr M Weir
  • Mr P McAnea
  • Miss L Young (Maternity Cover)
  • Ms A O'Halloran (Maternity Cover)

Geography Department:


  • Mrs S Nicholl (Subject Leader)
  • Mr M Bennett
  • Mr C Hodgson
  • Ms C Mulligan

History Department:


  • Mr P Boyle (Subject Leader)
  • Mrs M O'Donovan
  • Mrs P McHugh
  • Mrs M Dale
  • Mrs R Cameron

Home Economics and Health & Social Department:


  • Mrs Z Ings (Subject Leader)
  • Mrs A McDaid
  • Mrs V Dempsey
  • Mrs L Nicholl
  • Miss B Hardy
  • Miss L Craig (Technician)

ICT Department:


  • Mr S Harvey (Subject Leader)
  • Mrs C Sexton
  • Mrs A Donnelly
  • Mr D Knox

Mathematics Department:


  • Mrs S Leetch (Subject Leader)
  • Mr S Black (Numeracy Leader)
  • Mrs B Burns
  • Mr D Graham
  • Mrs M Heggarty
  • Miss F McCormack
  • Miss H Nelson
  • Mr C McMullan

Media Studies Department:


  • Mr P McAnea (Subject Leader)
  • Miss G Esler

Modern Languages Department:


  • Ms L Averell (Subject Leader)
  • Mrs V Dempsey
  • Mrs L Nicholl

Music Department:


  • Miss L Murray (Subject Leader)
  • Mrs J Armstrong

Boys PE Department:


  • Mr D Kelly (Subject Leader)
  • Mr G Lynn

Girls PE Department:


  • Mrs D Ross (Subject Leader)
  • Mrs R Harrison
  • Mrs M Heggarty

RE Department:


  • Mrs M Kelly (Subject Leader)
  • Mrs C Anderson
  • Mrs J Gordon
  • Miss H Myles

Science Department:


  • Mrs A Dempsey (Subject Leader for Chemistry)
  • Mrs D Gunning (Subject Leader for Biology) 
  • Mrs G McAlonan (Subject Leader for Physics)
  • Miss E Shaw
  • Mrs S Smith
  • Mr S Duffin
  • Mrs A Cummings (Technician)

Technology Department:


  • Mr G Harding (Subject Leader)
  • Mrs H Watts-Steede
  • Mr A Cuthbert
  • Mr D Barton
  • Mr H Dunlop (Technician)
  • Mr D Steede (Technician)