Teaching & Learning

“Creative and innovative approaches to learning and teaching permeate throughout the school.”

We are passionate about learning and want our students to share our enthusiasm. It’s not just what you learn that matters, but how, and how you can be a better learner. Every Slemish student has the opportunity to explore their own learning style in order to develop their own bespoke toolkit of techniques that will enhance their learning experience for years to come. This is primarily achieved through a tailored Learning to Learn course delivered to all Year 8 students.

We recognise that the demands of A Levels require new skills and strategies so all 6th Form Students attend iLearn lessons, allowing them to review their progress and explore a range of revision and research techniques applicable to their chosen A levels helping them build capacity and prepare for third level education.

The most recent Inspection Report states that “Creative and innovative approaches to learning and teaching permeate throughout the school.”

We not only invest in our students, but our teachers are encouraged to be highly reflective in all aspects. We Promote Continual Professional Development with award winning specialists delivering regular training to ensure that our staff are always at the ‘cutting-edge’ of education. Our Research and Development team are a core group of highly experienced teachers who drive teaching and learning throughout the college, coordinating events such as the highly acclaimed Community of Enquiry days.

At Slemish College we are committed to raising standards. We encourage our students to take ownership of their learning, instilling a sense of independence and industry right from Year 8. We have been commended on our ability to convey appropriately high expectations whilst showing sensitivity and understanding of the pupils’ learning needs.

We track students ‘Attitude to Learning’ monthly, allowing us to quickly identify those who should be encouraged to aim higher. Regular Parental Liaison and Learning Conversations with the student and their teachers ensure we are proactive and can put early support mechanisms in place to prevent underachievement. We use baseline data to set appropriate target grades and regularly review these to develop self-motivated, aspirant students. We encourage students to aim high not just in their Curricular studies, but in all aspects of community life, whether it be sport, charity endeavour or enhancement activities.